Lions Eating Warthog Alive… Then Hyenas Arrive

Lions Eating Warthog Alive… Then Hyenas Arrive


Sometimes even the world’s greatest predators can lose their lunch, proving nothing is guaranteed in the wild.

These two lionesses had gotten their paws on a warthog and were settling in for a meal when a pack of hyenas decided to join in on the fun.

As the footage shows in graphic detail, the lionesses were in the process of subduing their prey when the interlopers appeared. The panicked warthog can be seen struggling frantically as one of the lions bites down on its neck to suffocate it, while the other starts disemboweling the animal while still alive.

But unfortunately for the lions, the warthog’s distressed cries attract the attention of some hungry hyenas. At first, two hyenas appear, emitting a series of calls to alert the rest of their pack. Then in a matter of minutes, more than a dozen of them have outnumbered th lions.

While lions are typically considered to be the king of beasts, a determined gang of hyenas can prove to be formidable opponents. As the pack closes in, the lionesses have no choice but to flee, leaving their hard-earned kill behind.

The amazing encounter was captured by a group of safari-goers, who witnessed the moment the lions captured the warthog while initially hunting a group of impala.

“This was probably my best sighting ever,” Callum Gowar, a game ranger who witnessed the event told Latest Sightings. “Seeing a predator on predator interaction is special enough but to have a kill in it that makes it once in a lifetime.”

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