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  • Surprise Attack: Leopard Appears Out of Nowhere

    Leopards are the reigning master of the surprise attack, and this is why. An amazing video posted by Kruger Sightings shows the intense moment that a leopard seemingly materializes out of nowhere, and instantly goes to full on leap-attack in the air – in pursuit of a quick meal. The Guinea Fowl couldn’t have seen […] More

  • Mother Elephant Protects Calf From Tourists

    For an elephant calf, everything is new and interesting and needs to be investigated. That includes a truckload of tourists. Enter the mother elephant. In this video submitted to Kruger Sightings, an elephant mother and its calf — still in its first few months of life — walks out of the bush and into the […] More

  • Unlikely Underwater Allies: Boxer Crabs and Their Colorful Sea Anemone Pom-Poms

    Boxer crabs feed sea anemones in exchange for defense from danger — serving as a prominent example of symbiosis in the animal kingdom. Lybia tessellata is a tiny crustacean native to the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean. These crabs are usually patterned with pink, brown, or yellow and reach about an inch in width. They bear slim […] More

  • Humans Are Banned From This Deadly Snake-Infested Island in Brazil

    There’s an island off the southeastern coast of Brazil so dangerous that the country has made it illegal to step foot on it. Twenty-five miles from the mainland sits Ilha da Queimada Grande, an island overflowing with deadly pit vipers known as golden lanceheads (Bothrops insularis). The critically-endangered vipers, which aren’t found anywhere else, are […] More

  • Lion Cubs Meet Their Dad For The First Time

    This looks like a scene straight out of The Lion King (before it got sad). In the adorable footage below, lion cub triplets at the Oregon Zoo’s Predators of the Serengeti Habitat were captured playing outside with their dad Zawadi Mungu for the first time. Video: When a lioness is pregnant, she goes off alone to […] More

  • Scallops See With 200 Mirrored Eyes

    Scallops may seem like pretty uninteresting creatures — except for the hundreds of eyes imbedded amongst tentacles along the edge of their shells. Scientists have long wondered about the secret behind a scallop’s sight. LiveScience reports that Michael Land first discovered the mirrors at the back of scallop’s eyes and that they projected images onto […] More

  • This Is the King Cheetah

    Cheetahs are well-known as the fastest land animal on Earth, and they are also well-known for their beautiful yellow fur and black spots. But have you ever seen a cheetah that looks like this? At first glance, this cheetah appears more like an overgrown ocelot or jaguar; yet, despite its unusual fur pattern, it’s still […] More

  • Meet the Colossal Bird-Sized Hissing Moth

    This giant moth boasts five-inch wings, a humongous body, and when agitated, it is capable of producing a loud hissing noise to scare off its enemies. The privet hawkmoth (Sphinx ligustri) is an strange creature endemic to the northern half of the eastern hemisphere including much of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Although they inhabit large woodland […] More

  • An Intellectually Stimulating Childhood Makes Jumping Spiders Smarter

    Jumping spiders, with their giant, shiny eyes, staccato movements, and stumpy bodies, are among the most charismatic arachnids out there. But all that charisma can’t erase the sense of alienness these spiders give off — perhaps an inevitable side-effect of the hundreds of millions of years of evolution separating them from humans. Now, new research suggests […] More

  • Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko Is a Master of Disguise

    This lizard is a master of disguise, easily taking on the form of brown foliage to blend in with its surroundings. Uroplatus phantasticus, or the satanic leaf-tailed gecko as its commonly called, is endemic to tropical forests within the central to northeastern regions of Madagascar. This unusual creature is small in size, growing no more than half […] More

  • Rare Moment Buck Sheds Antlers Caught On Camera

    Antlers have been considered prized possessions by hunters for centuries. But to deer and others in the Cervidea family, antlers are merely seasonal decorations used to seek a mate and defend against competition. That’s why deer shed their antlers each year, as we see captured here in the trail cam video below. While it’s shocking […] More

  • This Ancient Cat with “Steak-Knife Teeth” Walked Alongside Early Humans

    All sorts of strange giant predators roamed the Earth thousands of years ago during the Ice Age. But new research is changing what scientists thought they knew about one of those animals — a giant saber-toothed cat with long, serrated steak-knife teeth that may have existed alongside early modern humans. Homotherium — or the scimitar […] More

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