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  • Rhino Charges Elephant, Watch How Elephant Responds

    Rhinos can be pretty feisty! When provoked, they aggressively defend their territory by flinging dung and charging head first at intruders. But it looks like they also know when to back down. Photographer Joe Gregory was on safari when he unexpectedly captured the moment when a couple of elephants approach a solitary white rhino. Then, […] More

  • Cobra Attacks Monitor Lizard

    This is the amazing moment a cobra and a monitor lizard were caught in a battle in the middle of a road in Kruger National Park, South Africa. A surprised safari photographer captured the action from a car just a few meters away. The snouted cobra is a a highly venomous species with neurotoxic venom […] More

  • Giant Glowing Deep Sea Worm Discovered

    Two divers recently found themselves dwarfed by a massive deep sea worm composed of hundreds of thousands of organisms. The two friends encountered the amazing sight during a dive off the coast of Whakaari, the stratovolcano on White Island, New Zealand. The worm can be seen moving delicately through the water, occasionally shuddering and pulsating […] More

  • Cottonmouth vs. Rattlesnake: Deadly Venomous Snakes Battle

    When these two venomous snakes cross paths, only one survives. In this video, a rattlesnake wanders directly into the path of a hungry cottonmouth and the encounter ends swiftly. Both are highly venomous and have been known to prey on other snakes occasionally, so perhaps this could have gone either way. But the cottonmouth strikes first, […] More

  • Leopard Attacks Porcupine, Regrets It Immediately

    Porcupines are generally easy prey for grown leopards; However, young, inexperienced leopards don’t fare quite as well as their adult counterparts. This leopard took a chance on a couple of unsuspecting porcupines wandering by. Thinking one was an easy meal, the big cat pounced on the spiky creature. The leopard appears to immediately regret the […] More

  • Gibbon Launches Himself Towards Man at Zoo [VIDEO]

    INCOMING! This acrobatic gibbon suddenly flew into the ultimate photo-bomb! Watch this acrobatic great ape to swing and propel itself through the air, nearly crashing through the glass enclosure in an attempt to jump onto the unsuspecting zoo-goer in Memphis, Tennessee. This video calls to a video of another great ape, a gorilla that smashed […] More

  • Octopus Makes Unbelievable Escape Through Tiny Hole in Boat

    An Alaska fisherman witnessed one of the greatest escapes ever — and he caught it on video. Fisherman Chance Miller was out in search of halibut, cod, and salmon when he pulled up a massive octopus clinging to his bait. “We brought up a Giant Pacific Octopus holding on to the bait while fishing with […] More

  • Hippos ‘Rescue’ Wildebeest from Crocodile

    A group of wildebeest drinking at a waterhole got quite the surprise when, out of nowhere, a crocodile emerged from the water looking for a snack. The incredible footage was captured on a safari with Chasin’ Africa in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The surprising interaction demonstrates just how close danger always seems to be for animals in […] More

  • King Cobra Attacks Snake

    King cobras have a notorious reputation as fierce killers — regularly hunting and eating other snakes, including their own species if necessary. Measuring between 10 and 13 feet, they are the longest venomous snakes in the world, and one of the deadliest. In this video, an Indian king cobra perched in a tree spots a […] More

  • Lion Sneaks Up On Hippo, Regrets It Immediately

    This lioness got the surprise of her life when she disturbed a resting hippo. Likely interested in a meal as she roamed the Maasai Mara, the lioness approached the hippo to investigate. But the colossal animal gave the big cat quite a scare when it immediately turned around and began chasing after her. Hippos are […] More

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