Lioness Sneaks Up On Lion

Even big cats pull pranks on occasion.

Do you like to prank people? Now, we’re not talking about those extreme YouTube videos where some schmuck assaults/harasses complete strangers and later says, “It’s just a prank, bro”, as if everything is just fine. We’re talking about pulling harmless pranks on your friends and/or family. If you like harmless pranks, you might be surprised by who else likes pranking their friends and family: lions.

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes, even lions like to prank each other. In the video above, a lioness sneaks up on her husband (presumably) and gives him the surprise of his life.


As you can see, she barely touches him, but immediately, he jumps up in defense. He does this for good reason, too.

While lions are apex predators in their savanna habitats, they are not the only predators.

Hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs are just a few of the other flesh-eating animals that share the savanna with these big cats, although lions almost always dominate them.