Massive Wolf Crosses the Road

This video of a massive wolf crossing the road shows just how big wolves can get.

On average, wolves measure 41–63 in(105–160 cm) in length and 31–33 in (80–85 cm) at shoulder height, with males weighing an average of 88 lbs (40 kg) and females 82 lbs (37 kg). However, wolves exceeding 230 lbs have been reported.

Wolves are powerful hunters, with surprising speed. In another intense wolf sighting filmed from a car, a wolf was filmed chasing a deer. The person who uploaded the video wrote that they were going at 60km/hr (37 mph) for about 2 minutes before filming the video.

Watch another example of the incredible speed of wolves in the video below:

What should you do if you encounter a wolf in the wild? Watch the video below to learn:

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