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  • Lion Surprises Leopard

    Does this footage feel familiar to anyone with a house cat? Apparently, even big cats like to sneak up on and startle others for no obvious reason. This colossal male lion spotted a snoozing leopard from afar and decided it might be worthwhile to scare him — likely as a display of dominance. Matthew Poole, […] More

  • Face-To-Face With a Giant Anaconda

    Amazing footage reveals the moment a diver came face-to-face with a green anaconda – the largest living snake in the world. Bartolomeo Bove was diving in the Formoso River in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil when he came upon a massive female anaconda. The Formoso River runs through the Cerrado (the Brazilian […] More

  • Lioness Sneaks Up On Lion

    Even big cats pull pranks on occasion. Do you like to prank people? Now, we’re not talking about those extreme YouTube videos where some schmuck assaults/harasses complete strangers and later says, “It’s just a prank, bro”, as if everything is just fine. We’re talking about pulling harmless pranks on your friends and/or family. If you […] More

  • Family of Warthogs Steal and Eat Cheetah’s Meal

    Cheetahs get no respect. They have been known to lose the majority of their meals to lions, hyenas, vultures and even jackals —and in this video, we see that we need to add warthogs to that list. Nature can be super surprising, and often, the unexpected is exactly what you can expect when you’re at […] More

  • A Wild Lynx and a Cameraman Develop an Amazing Relationship [Video]

    Canada lynx are amazing predators, adept at chasing down a hare, even in deep snow — as you will see in the beginning of the video below. The amazing footage was captured by cameraman Sam Ellis, who spent 76 days with a wild lynx nicknamed ‘Mad Max’ in the Yukon wilderness. Snowshoe hares are the […] More

  • Killer Whales Attack Blue Whale [Rare Drone Footage]

    A pod of killer whales were filmed harassing a blue whale in some amazing footage shot by a drone. Killer whales harass Blue Whale The rare sighting occurred near Monetery Bay, California. Researchers who saw the encounter said the coordinated attack was likely just for fun and not an actual hunt. Orcas are known to […] More

  • Surprise Attack: Leopard Appears Out of Nowhere

    Leopards are the reigning master of the surprise attack, and this is why. An amazing video posted by Kruger Sightings shows the intense moment that a leopard seemingly materializes out of nowhere, and instantly goes to full on leap-attack in the air – in pursuit of a quick meal. The Guinea Fowl couldn’t have seen […] More

  • Stealth Hunter: Mountain Lion Attack Caught on Cam

    A remarkable and seldom-witnessed event unfolded in the wilderness outside a northern California ranch, where a strategically placed trail camera captured the raw intensity of a mountain lion’s hunt. The footage offers a rare glimpse into the stealthy and powerful predatory behavior of these elusive felines. The video shows the powerful predator sneak up behind […] More

  • Hyena Cornered by African Wild Dogs [PHOTOS]

    These photos reveal the intense moment a hyena was surrounded by a pack of African wild dogs. The hyena found itself in a tough spot, backed up against the wall with nowhere to run… Encounters between hyenas and African wild dogs typically lead to intense, aggressive interactions marked by vocalizations and displays of aggression, occasionally […] More

  • Warthog Saves Baby from Leopard

    Images: Koos Fourie/Caters News This is the story of the heart-stopping moment a warthog mother had her baby snatched by a hungry leopard and how the heroic mother did something amazing to save her piglet. Using its noted stealth ability, the leopard silently stalked a group of warthogs, going completely unnoticed until the moment it […] More

  • Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

    Watch the unbelievably cute moment filmed on camera when a leopard mother is seen helping her cute newborn Leopard cubs cross the road in the Kruger National Park. The heart-warming cuteness of these little ones is almost unbearable and all we can do is watch. When you get the opportunity to capture it on film, […] More

  • Hippos ‘Rescue’ Wildebeest from Crocodile

    A group of wildebeest drinking at a waterhole got quite the surprise when, out of nowhere, a crocodile emerged from the water looking for a snack. The incredible footage was captured on a safari with Chasin’ Africa in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The surprising interaction demonstrates just how close danger always seems to be for animals in […] More

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