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  • Komodo Dragon Lunges for Deer

    Komodo dragons have long been known for their ferocious appetites and impressive hunting skills, and a recent video captured at a nature reserve in Indonesia showcases this predatory prowess. In the video, a small deer can be seen lounging peacefully, unaware of the Komodo dragon creeping up on it. Suddenly, the dragon lunges forward, covering […] More

  • Massive Nile Crocodile With Leopard in Its Jaws

    A recently shared video of a massive Nile crocodile carrying around a limp leopard carcass in its jaws has left the internet in awe. Captured at night, the footage quickly spread online, with many astonished by the size and strength of the crocodile. Nile crocodiles are one of the largest predators on Earth, measuring up […] More

  • Bobcat Takes Down Canada Goose in Beach Showdown

    An intense video of a bobcat taking down a Canada goose on a beach has taken the internet by storm. The video, which was originally recorded several years ago, shows the bobcat biting the goose by the neck, causing it to struggle briefly before succumbing to its injuries. Bobcats, also known as lynx rufus, are […] More

  • Five Tales of Exotic Pet Ownership Gone Wrong

    Every state in the U.S. has laws that restrict or ban exotic animal ownership. But that doesn’t prevent people from wanting or getting them. An estimated 50 percent of all pets in the United States are exotic species, ranging from birds and small reptiles to dangerous predators. And despite increasing legislation and crackdowns on imports, […] More

  • Crab Fights off Bald Eagle

    Bald eagles came dangerously close to extinction due to pesticide use, habitat loss, and excessive hunting, but have bounced back thanks to protection under the Endangered Species Act (and delisted in 2007). There are now roughly 10,000 bald eagles residing in North America. These raptors are famously excellent fishers, known to adeptly dive into the […] More

  • Poachers Raid Famous Chimp Sanctuary and Abduct 3 Babies

    “They warned that they were going to decapitate one of the baby chimps and send their head back.”  Three baby chimpanzees—all victims of cruel poaching raids that killed their entire families—have been abducted from a primate rescue in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Just over one week ago, criminals broke into Lubumbashi’s J.A.C.K. Primate […] More

  • Hippos ‘Rescue’ Wildebeest from Crocodile

    A group of wildebeest drinking at a waterhole got quite the surprise when, out of nowhere, a crocodile emerged from the water looking for a snack. The incredible footage was captured on a safari with Chasin’ Africa in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The surprising interaction demonstrates just how close danger always seems to be for animals in […] More

  • Hippo vs. Earth’s Greatest Predators

    The hippo is Africa’s undisputed most dangerous land animal. While they may appear at first glance to be slow, gentle creatures that spend their time relaxing in swamps, the reality is far more intense. Almost nothing stands in the way of an angry hippo — not even the most formidable predators on Earth, from lions […] More

  • Silverback Gorilla Patiently Waits for Tourist to Step Aside [VIDEO]

    Amazing footage shows an extremely polite wild silverback gorilla waiting for a woman to step aside before going about his business. In all seriousness, this is incredible footage. View post on Gorillas are striking, awe-inspiring animals; and, believe it or not, we share nearly 96 percent of our DNA with them. Highly intelligent, these […] More

  • Two Massive Brown Bears Battle Over Whale Carcass

    Two colossal brown bears were documented battling it out over a whale carcass in Katmai National Park, Alaska. The video was captured by photo tour operators at Expeditions Alaska, who were lucky enough to witness the event. The team shared details of the interaction on their YouTube channel, which highlights some of their greatest encounters. […] More

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