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  • Poachers Raid Famous Chimp Sanctuary and Abduct 3 Babies

    “They warned that they were going to decapitate one of the baby chimps and send their head back.”  Three baby chimpanzees—all victims of cruel poaching raids that killed their entire families—have been abducted from a primate rescue in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Just over one week ago, criminals broke into Lubumbashi’s J.A.C.K. Primate […] More

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  • Hippos ‘Rescue’ Wildebeest from Crocodile

    A group of wildebeest drinking at a waterhole got quite the surprise when, out of nowhere, a crocodile emerged from the water looking for a snack. The incredible footage was captured on a safari with Chasin’ Africa in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The surprising interaction demonstrates just how close danger always seems to be for animals in […] More

  • Hippo vs. Earth’s Greatest Predators

    The hippo is Africa’s undisputed most dangerous land animal. While they may appear at first glance to be slow, gentle creatures that spend their time relaxing in swamps, the reality is far more intense. Almost nothing stands in the way of an angry hippo — not even the most formidable predators on Earth, from lions […] More

  • Silverback Gorilla Patiently Waits for Tourist to Step Aside [VIDEO]

    Amazing footage shows an extremely polite wild silverback gorilla waiting for a woman to step aside before going about his business. In all seriousness, this is incredible footage. View post on Gorillas are striking, awe-inspiring animals; and, believe it or not, we share nearly 96 percent of our DNA with them. Highly intelligent, these […] More

  • Two Massive Brown Bears Battle Over Whale Carcass

    Two colossal brown bears were documented battling it out over a whale carcass in Katmai National Park, Alaska. The video was captured by photo tour operators at Expeditions Alaska, who were lucky enough to witness the event. The team shared details of the interaction on their YouTube channel, which highlights some of their greatest encounters. […] More

  • Lioness Battles Wild Dogs to Save Cub

    This is the amazing moment a mother lion took a beating from a pack of African wild dogs in order to protect her cub. While out on a safari drive in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, Shalin Fernando (33) captured this interesting interaction between a female lioness and her cub being interrogated by a […] More

  • Grizzly Mother Bear Chases Down Elk

    In rare footage above, we witness a large mother Grizzly bear chase down a young elk. This may be the fastest bear ever filmed in the wild! The grizzly bear is at the top of the food chain. Grizzly bears are omnivores. Their diet will vary throughout the year, from fishing for trout, to eating […] More

  • Wolf Pack Hunts a Hare [VIDEO]

    Amazing footage captured in the Arctic shows a pack of wolves intensely pursuing an exceptionally agile and determined hare. The pack has a litter of pups to feed, and they’re not giving up easily. Two wolves in the pack embark on the nail-biting chase, sprinting after the hare at lightning speed. Adult hares are extremely […] More

  • Lions Catch 3 Buffaloes in Stampede

    Incredible footage captured in Zimbabwe shows the moment a stampede of buffaloes overtook a pride of lions. The epic moment was caught on camera by David Pinkernell while on safari in Chitake Springs in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. David told the story of the sighting: “Our amazing guide, Nick Murry, owner of Bushlife Safaris, […] More

  • Incredibly Speedy Reindeer Races a Train

    Ever wonder what Santa’s reindeer do in the off-season? They chase trains, apparently. A TikTok video was recently posted showing a reindeer running alongside a train — and actually keeping up. It turns out that reindeer are actually quite speedy, and have the ability to sprint at speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour. They’re […] More

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