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  • Crocodile Attacks Leopard Trying to Steal Its Food

    A brave leopard gets dangerously close to a crocodile in a river in some incredible footage captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The rare encounter was caught on camera by Alberto Scattolin, the owner as well as guide at Matimba Lodge. He described this sighting as follows: “This afternoon was no different than any […] More

  • Python Constricts Leopard As It Fights Back

    Incredible footage captures a leopard and a python in an epic battle. The action packed sighting was caught on camera on a safari drive in the Mara Triangle of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Clint Saint, (37) the owner of Live Life African Safari Getaways shared this spectacular video, which was taken by Suzie […] More

  • Buffalo Launches Lion to Save Monitor Lizard

    This is the amazing moment a buffalo taught a young lion a tough lesson. It all started when a pride of lions surrounded a monitor lizard. One young lion grabbed the lizard and was ready to make the kill when a large buffalo appeared on the scene and dramatically flipped the feline into the air […] More

  • The Tiger Fighting Bear

    Meet the world’s most dangerous bear: it battles tigers, hangs out with leopards, and attacks more humans than any of its ursine brethren. Oh, and it recently escaped from centuries of slavery. This is the story of India’s sloth bear, and it’s anything but slow. Of the eight bear species in the world, the sloth […]


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  • Blood in the Water: Galapagos Shark Beaches Itself to Eat Sea Lion

    A heart-stopping video of a Galapagos shark attacking and killing a sea lion has recently taken the internet by storm. The intense footage, filmed in 2020, shows the large shark thrashing its prey with massive spurts of blood becoming visible in the water. The sea lion did not stand a chance against this apex predator. […] More

  • Lone Wolf Chases a Herd of Wild Sheep in the Snowy Mountains

    An intense video recently shared on Reddit captured the heart-pounding moment a lone wolf chased a herd of wild sheep in the snowy mountains. The footage shows the wolf using its superior stamina to chase the sheep through deep snow, where the predator has an advantage. Wolves are known for chasing their prey for extended […] More

  • Giant Tortoise Hunts Bird… Slowly

    This might be the slowest yet most shocking hunt ever caught on camera! The fascinating video recently surfaced on Reddit, showcasing a giant tortoise exhibiting predatory behavior towards a baby bird. This footage is the first recorded instance of “deliberate hunting” in any tortoise species, according to a report published in the journal Current Biology. […] More

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  • Komodo Dragon Lunges for Deer

    Komodo dragons have long been known for their ferocious appetites and impressive hunting skills, and a recent video captured at a nature reserve in Indonesia showcases this predatory prowess. In the video, a small deer can be seen lounging peacefully, unaware of the Komodo dragon creeping up on it. Suddenly, the dragon lunges forward, covering […] More

  • Massive Nile Crocodile With Leopard in Its Jaws

    A recently shared video of a massive Nile crocodile carrying around a limp leopard carcass in its jaws has left the internet in awe. Captured at night, the footage quickly spread online, with many astonished by the size and strength of the crocodile. Nile crocodiles are one of the largest predators on Earth, measuring up […] More

  • Bobcat Takes Down Canada Goose in Beach Showdown

    An intense video of a bobcat taking down a Canada goose on a beach has taken the internet by storm. The video, which was originally recorded several years ago, shows the bobcat biting the goose by the neck, causing it to struggle briefly before succumbing to its injuries. Bobcats, also known as lynx rufus, are […] More

  • Five Tales of Exotic Pet Ownership Gone Wrong

    Every state in the U.S. has laws that restrict or ban exotic animal ownership. But that doesn’t prevent people from wanting or getting them. An estimated 50 percent of all pets in the United States are exotic species, ranging from birds and small reptiles to dangerous predators. And despite increasing legislation and crackdowns on imports, […] More

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