Coywolf Caught on Camera: Coyote / Wolf Hybrid Filmed in Connecticut via Trailcam

A fan recently submitted this intriguing footage of what they report to be a Coywolf strolling through their backyard, mere feet from a tent.

A coywolf is a cross between a wolf and coyote.

Also known as the Eastern Coyote, this canid is actually a four-in-one hybrid of coyotes, eastern wolves, western gray wolves, and dogs.


This sighting occurred near Fairfield, Connecticut. Coyotes, wolves, and coywolves are all known to inhabit this area.

The Coywolf is generally smaller than a wolf, but larger than a coyote.

They have a larger territorial range and sometimes form packs, unlike the coyote, a usually solitary animal with a smaller range.

The footage was filmed with a trailcam set up at a remote location.