Leopard Ambushes Warthog

Leopard Ambushes Warthog


This is the amazing moment a group of warthogs failed to spot a stealthy leopard stalking them, and one of the warthogs paid the ultimate price. The dramatic footage shows how the leopard snuck up behind them unseen before unleashing the ultimate ambush attack.

Moments before it struck, the big cat was right behind the entrance to the warthogs’ den, completely unbeknownst to the hogs.

Leopards are big cats known for their stealth attack abilities.

Field Guide Chad Cocking was leading a safari in South Africa’s Timbavati Private Nature Reserve early in July when the group came across the leopard setting up his ambush near the burrow. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a video of a leopard hunting a warthog. Click here to watch!

Here’s a gif of another leopard digging up a warthog that tried to hide in its burrow: