Leopard Hunts Warthog

Leopard Hunts Warthog


This is the amazing moment a hungry leopard stalks and hunts down a young warthog. Those hogs definitely didn’t see that coming!

This amazing sighting was filmed Andrei Snyman at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

Leopards have been documented ambushing impalas from above, ravaging prickly porcupines, and even chasing after birds! Leopards have no sense of boundaries, and they are not picky in whom they choose to dine upon.

While the leopard might seem cruel and brutal, this is no different from when we go grocery shopping. Leopards have to eat, too, even if they choose to eat Pumba. In fact, in sub-Saharan Africa, at least 92 prey species have been documented in their diet. This means very few African animals are safe from the leopard’s hungry grasp.

You can run but you can’t hide

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