Deer Stomps Hawk Into the Ground After It Went After a Rabbit

Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife
You might associate deer with kid-friendly animated movies like Bambi — but after seeing this video, you might sooner think of action movies like Rambo.

The scene starts out peacefully enough. We see a lush green field surrounded by trees on a calm, sunny day when suddenly, a hawk rockets down from the sky toward a rabbit. But that’s not the shocking part.

As the hawk works to make a quick meal out of the rabbit, a deer bursts onto the scene. The deer begins to pounce on the hawk, stomping it with its two front hooves over and over again. The hawk tries to get away repeatedly, but the deer keeps on him. At one point, the hawk even makes it a few feet into the air when the deer batts it down from the sky with its front legs.

So what caused this behavior? Rabbits are known to let out squeaks and squeals when being attacked that some might think sound similar to a fawn in distress. It might have been that this particular deer heard these sounds and charged the hawk instantly, reacting purely on instinct.

Large hawks are natural predators for smaller fawns, so the deer wasn’t too far off from the truth. But in reality, the deer just saved a rabbit instead.

But was there more going on here than meets the eye? Interspecies relationships have been well documented in a variety of animals. So is it so crazy to think the deer might have been saving it’s friend?

Whatever the case is, this particular rabbit goes on to live another day. And it has the deer to thank for it.

M Prince Photography

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