Black Panther vs. Anaconda

Black panther (melanisitc jaguar) - Photo by Cburnett
Black panther (melanisitc jaguar). Photo by Cburnett.

In the wild and untamed Amazon, a variety of amazing and dangerous animals lurk, but few are more feared than jaguars and anacondas.

Jaguars are big cats that dominate Latin American jungles. Anacondas are enormous snakes that dominate South American rivers. So, with that in mind, what happens when these two top predators meet? This:

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In this situation, a black panther (which is actually a melanistic jaguar) and another ordinary jaguar gang up on a green anaconda in a river. While green anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the world, and they are quite adept and deadly in the water, this one is no match for two hungry felines, especially since jaguars have been known to take down crocodilians such as caimans!

Anaconda_Loreto_Peru - Photo by Dave Lonsdale
Green anaconda. Photo by Dave Lonsdale.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the anaconda attempts to flee, but the black panther is able to drag it out onto land, where the huge snake is even more vulnerable. Once here, all bets are off. The anaconda is doomed. With a bone-shattering crunch, the black panther bites into the anaconda’s exposed neck and kills it, prompting the ordinary jaguar to approach.

Watch this epic engagement in the video below.

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