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  • Flying Foxes vs. Freshwater Crocodiles [VIDEO]

    This is one of the most shocking wildlife stand-offs ever filmed — Australian Flying Foxes test their luck as they dip into a river filled with hungry crocodiles! Australia is a land of extremes, especially in the country’s northern tropics. In that part of the Land Down Under, winter brings drought and bush fires, and summer brings […] More

  • This Predatory Fish Is Equipped With a Saw on Its Face

    With a name like “sawfish”, you might expect one of these bizarre sea creatures to saw through a block of wood. Instead, these fascinating fish are far more metal. Using their deadly snouts, they slice through other fish. Have a look here: More

  • Venomous Snake Uses Spider-Shaped Tail to Lure Prey

    This snake with a spider-shaped tail is one of nature’s strangest creatures. The spider-tailed horned viper (Pseudocerastes urarachnoides) is endemic to western Iran and was only recently rediscovered in 2006. While its head resembles other species of its kind, its tail serves as a remarkable attribute, boasting a bulb-like end with a drape of scales […] More

  • WATCH: Real Life Race Between Tortoise and Hare

    In the competition of the century, a lowly tortoise challenges a rabbit (not a hare) to a race. Like the fable, the race seems unfairly lopsided, and the deck appears stacked against the lumbering tortoise. But, just like in the fable, there’s a twist… More

  • This Is the King Cheetah

    Behold the King Cheetah. Cheetahs are well-known as the fastest land animal on Earth, and they are also well-known for their beautiful yellow fur and black spots. But have you ever seen a cheetah that looks like this? More

  • WATCH: Cobras Drinking Water

    Like most animals, snakes need water to survive. Even deadly, venomous ones. But do snakes actually need to drink water like other animal? For many species, yes, they do, but it can be a bit complicated. Check out this cobra drinking a glass of water. It looks more like a weird, scaly cat than a […] More

  • Animals React to Their Reflections in a Mirror

    What happens when you set up a giant mirror in the middle of a forest and film animals’ reactions? Well, in the west African country of Gabon, French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre set up a mirror in several different locations and captured some fascinating and hilarious animal behavior. Have a look: As you can see, the […] More

  • Bee Pulls Nail Out of Wall

    In a truly amazing display of insect intelligence, one bee manages to pull and entire nail out of the burrow it has claimed amid some bricks! More

  • Captive Killer Whale Baits and Catches Bird

    Killer whales have an extremely diverse diet — one that has evolved even to include birds.  Killer whales may not be dangerous to humans (except during some rare instances in captivity), but they are dangerous to everything else in the ocean. Orcas are the largest members of the dolphin family and can be found across a […] More

  • Owls Aren’t Afraid to Attack Much Larger Birds — Even Bald Eagles

    Owls are terrifyingly skillful at the art of silent assassination, sneakily swooping in and snatching up their victims in the blink of an eye. With a series of helpful hunting adaptations and a voracious appetite, these devious night-time predators sometimes take on surprisingly large foes — and even other large birds like eagles aren’t out of bounds. In mythology […] More

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