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  • WATCH: Frogfish Capture Prey with One Swift Gulp

    Masters of deception, frogfish have one of nature’s fastest (and most unexpected) gulps. Found in most tropical and subtropical ocean habitats, frogfish come in countless different colors and textures. Not only does their camouflage help hide them from predators, it helps hide them from prey. Some frogfish go the extra mile in the name of […] More

  • These Animals Are Male on One Side and Female on the Other

    This unique creatures are male on one side and female on the other. These animals are called bilateral gynandromorphs.  Not only do they have both male and female sex organs, but their outward appearance is split down the middle. On one side they have the coloration typical of the male species, and on the other side […] More

  • Watch This Predatory Bird Hunt Snakes

    We all know a few species of birds that are insane hunters, like harpy eagles. But does the secretary bird get the respect it deserves? But what makes them such lethal hunters? Their legs can kick in a force five times their body weight and can move their legs at 15 milliseconds on average. All […] More

  • Turtle Nearly Loses His Head to Massive Fish [VIDEO]

    They say everything is bigger in Texas. This is apparently also true of bass. In video taken by a fisherman Kyle Naegli near Houston, Texas, a turtle seems to be having a pretty good day. It’s snacking on a bit of gizzard shad and enjoying a peaceful day out on the water. But all of […] More

  • Giant Squid Filmed for the First Time in U.S. Waters

    It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie: creepy, crawly arms appear slowly from the darkness, grabbing onto the Medusa, a stealth camera system used by researchers for ocean explanation. But this isn’t a monster. What researchers caught on camera was a juvenile giant squid estimated to be at least 12 feet tall in […] More

  • Hippo vs. Rhino: Rare Encounter Caught on Camera

    Most of us know that hippos are not the cuddly creatures they’re made out to be in movies and TV shows. Credited as the deadliest large land animal, they’re known to be extremely aggressive and unpredictable. Weighing in at more than 6000 pounds, at least 500 deaths are attributed to hippos each year in Africa […] More

  • Listen to the Horrifying Sound of Screaming Mountain Lions

    Horror movie or just a regular day in the animal kingdom? You decide after listening to the two videos below. You’re walking through the woods and you hear a woman’s scream. You look around and don’t see anyone in sight. Then you spot it: a mountain lion. Either way, you better run! Mountain lions can […] More

  • Giant Glowing “Worms” Roam the Ocean

    Via Facebook Giant glowing seaworms? These aren’t actually worms, though. They’re pyrosomes. Pyrosomes are free-floating tunicates typically found in tropical ocean waters near the top of the water column. Called the “unicorns of the sea” and soft like a feather boa, these pyrosomes are just another reminder of how weird the ocean can be. Pyrostremma spinosum (Giant […] More

  • Weird Sea Creature Has 1000 Tiny Eyes

    While this mollusk may not look like much, it has a few defenses and surprises up its sleeve. This chiton, also known as a sea cradle, has thousands of tiny eyes on its shell — all equipped with a light sensitive cell and a lens. The lens of each eye are made with the same […] More

  • Bird Parents Argue Too, Just Like Us

    Bird parents argue over parenting duties, especially when one bird is not pulling its weight, according to a study on zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata). Birds of this species form lifelong mating pairs and it has been observed that they share parenting and baby bird duties, including foraging for food, building nests and watching over the eggs. […] More

  • Blind River Dolphin is One of the Rarest Animals on Earth

    The Indus River dolphins may not be as beloved as their more famous cousins, but they are at a much higher risk of disappearing. These animals, which weigh up to 200 pounds and can grow up to 8.5 feet long, are found only in the freshwater Indus River in South Asia. They have small, poorly-developed […] More

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