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  • Rare Moment Buck Sheds Antlers Caught On Camera

    Antlers have been considered prized possessions by hunters for centuries. But to deer and others in the Cervidea family, antlers are merely seasonal decorations used to seek a mate and defend against competition. That’s why deer shed their antlers each year, as we see captured here in the trail cam video below. While it’s shocking […] More

  • Jaguars in the United States?

    Symbols of the rain forests of South America, jaguars are known for their strength and mystery. But with recent sightings in the United States, is it possible that jaguars could be making a comeback above the Mexican border? Apex predators that once roamed as far north as the Grand Canyon, jaguars have largely been eradicated […] More

  • Seal Attacks Dwarf Sperm Whale

    We often see videos of seals jumping on boats or doing anything that they can to avoid becoming the snack of a whale. In this video we see the hunted become the hunter. In video footage shot in the Western Cape of South Africa, a brown fur seal attacks a dwarf sperm whale. Unfortunately for […] More

  • Monkey Tears Into a Huge Hornet Nest

    Monkeys are known for their intelligence relative to humans but this one may not be the smartest of the bunch. In footage captured behind the safety of a glass window, the homeowner witnesses a monkey tear into a hornet nest. In a video that’s almost too painful to watch, as soon as the monkey reaches […] More

  • dolphins and anaconda

    Are These Dolphins Playing With An Anaconda?

    In all the animal interactions we’ve seen, playtime between a dolphin and an anaconda might just be the weirdest. But that’s just what researchers found on a recent trip to Bolivia. The group originally embarked on their project near the Tijamuchi River with the goal of documenting biodiversity. Their interest was piqued when they spotted […] More

  • Modern Day Sabertooth: Meet the Clouded Leopard

    If you were to ever encounter a clouded leopard in the mountainous forests of Southeast Asia, you should consider yourself exceptionally lucky. Members of the genus Neofelis, these cats weigh anywhere from 25 to 50 pounds and are among the most secretive and poorly-understood members of the cat family. Clouded leopards are now known to […] More

  • Mother Goose Drowns Seagull to Protect Young

    As it turns out, you really don’t want to mess with a mother goose. Incredible footage of a goose attacking, and possibly drowning, a seagull was posted on Reddit recently and it has us wondering what prompted this ruthless attack. But as we see in many acts of heroism in the animal world, this was […] More

  • This Viper Has Highest Venom Yield of Any Snake

    Found in the rainforest and savannah of sub-Saharan Africa, the Gaboon viper is one of the world’s largest and heaviest vipers. If that’s not enough to set off alarm bells, they also have the longest fangs of any venomous snakes, coming in at two inches or longer. When you pair these long fangs with the […] More

  • Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Death Adder Uses Tail to Lure Prey

    The common death adder got its name for a reason. Not only are they one of the most venomous snakes in the world, but they can lure their prey and strike before they’re none the wiser. Natives of Australia, death adders are credited with having the longest fangs among Australian snakes as well as the […] More

  • Deer Stomps Hawk Into the Ground After It Went After a Rabbit

    You might associate deer with kid-friendly animated movies like Bambi — but after seeing this video, you might sooner think of action movies like Rambo. The scene starts out peacefully enough. We see a lush green field surrounded by trees on a calm, sunny day when suddenly, a hawk rockets down from the sky toward […] More

  • Rare Moment Alligator Chomps Shark Caught on Camera

    Shark versus Gator. It sounds like a battle for the ages. And while it’s a fascinating predator on predator match up, in reality this is an extremely rare occurrence. But we know it’s happened at least once. In a video taken off the coast of South Carolina in the aptly named Skull Creek, an alligator […] More

  • Mongoose Defies Gravity To Escape Cobra

    A face off between a mongoose and cobra is an age old battle. They are each other’s most dangerous opponent and each have specific adaptations to that make them a worthy opponent. It’s always impossible to predict a winner in these cutthroat battles. In this video from the Smithsonian Channel, we get a glimpse into […] More

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