Mongoose Defies Gravity To Escape Cobra

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A face off between a mongoose and cobra is an age old battle. They are each other’s most dangerous opponent and each have specific adaptations to that make them a worthy opponent. It’s always impossible to predict a winner in these cutthroat battles.

In this video from the Smithsonian Channel, we get a glimpse into what it takes to be the victor.

Mongooses are extremely agile and are immune to the venom of the cobra at certain levels.  But cobras are agile and fast as well. When you put it all together, the two are pretty even matched.

Typically, when a potential threat enters into the territory of a group of mongoose — referred to as a pack or gang — they usually fight them as a group to increase their chances of victory. This mongoose decided to face the snake solo.

Soon enough, the mongoose gets cocky. It gets closer and closer, despite the close calls its had against this formidable cobra. Next thing it knows, the cobra strikes the mongoose’s nose.

Since the mongoose is immune to this venom, it most likely survived. But it clearly had enough of the cobra that day and scampers back to the group. Both animals continue to fight another day, hopefully the wiser.

Watch the full video: