We’ve all heard of a cat stuck in a tree – but how about a bobcat on top of a cactus?

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The most elusive predator in North America, the bobcat, was spotted in an unusually precarious position when it was spotted perched atop a cactus. The rare wild cat sat high above the desert floor, looking down at its unexpected visitors.

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The Saguaro Cactus can grow to over 70 ft tall. This one was about 40 ft high. This unusual event took place in the desert lands of Gold Canyon, Arizona.

According to witnesses, the mountain Lion had been pursuing the bobcat when the feline scurried up the cactus to escape. It apparently came down a few hours later unharmed.

Watch the rare sighting in the video below:

Bobcats are just like other cats. A natural instinct when threatened is to climb to the highest ground.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a cat stuck on top of a cactus.

Photographer Renee Lynn Bayer wrote on Facebook about the following image: “So, this happened this morning just down the road from our house… one in a Palo Verde tree, one on top of an old saguaro. Pretty cool!!”

And here, a domestic cat was recorded sitting on top of a cactus for 3 days! Watch the raw footage below…

Click here to watch a video of a bobcat in an equally unexpected place – in the middle of a lake. Watch now…