WATCH: Huge Black Wolf Sprinting Down a Highway at 30 MPH

Incredible footage shows just how fast wolves can run. In the video below, a huge black wolf can be seen sprinting down a highway at top speed.

Wolves are powerful hunters, with surprising speed.

In another intense wolf sighting filmed from a car, a speedy wolf was filmed chasing a deer. The person who uploaded the video wrote that they were going at 60km/hr (37 mph) for about 2 minutes before filming the video.


There are few experiences more awe inspiring, as well as terrifying, as encountering a wolf in the wild.

A couple centuries ago, wolves were once common and widespread across North America. Gray, eastern, and red wolves all populated the forests and plains of ancient and colonial America. They preyed upon deer, beavers, bison, moose, and other large mammals, acting as a natural form of population control.

Yet, they also preyed upon sheep, cattle, and other livestock, and sadly, they were completely eradicated from much of their range.

On the map below, you can see the range of the gray (and arctic) wolf. The green indicates the wolf’s current range, and the red indicates its former range. As you can see, wolves have been driven out of a LOT of places, and in many of those places, they are not coming back anytime soon.

Gray wolf range map

But, regardless of their current range, wolves still play a huge role in popular culture, and they still invoke awe and fear in our hearts.

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