Snow Leopard Chases Prey Down Mountain

Snow Leopard Chases Prey Down Mountain


This is the first ever recorded footage of a Snow Leopard hunting in the wild.

Snow leopards are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with only about 4,500 to about 10,000 individuals remaining in the wild as of 2016.

This statistic combined with the elusive nature of these big cats makes them some of the rarest animals on the planet.


Snow leopards are magnificent looking creatures weighing between 50 and 150 pounds. Their coats are long and thick, ranging in color from smoky gray to light tan and equipped with a dense pattern of black rosettes.

Their large paws are wide enough to enable them to walk efficiently across snowy, mountainous terrain and boasts thick fur which serves as traction support.


Snow leopards are solitary hunters and opportunistic feeders. They prey on small animals such as hares and birds in addition to very large mammals, including bharal, ibex, tahr, argali, horse, and camel.

In this amazing footage we witness a Snow Leopard pursue a mountain goat down a precariously steep cliff.

In a swift chase, these two mountain climbers defy gravity in a struggle that could go either way. But in the last moment, the goat gets lucky, and makes a getaway into the river.


The Snow Leopard doesn’t follow the goat into the river, however, because after all, most cats hate water.

Snow leopards don’t have it easy…