Praying Mantis Snags Hummingbird in Flight

The praying mantis is regarded as a fierce hunter in the insect world.

Younger mantises often have to contend with bigger and badder bugs, such as jumping spiders and other mantises, but adults have far fewer predators.

Generally, adult mantises only need to worry about birds — but in some cases, birds need to worry about mantises, too. 

Hummingbirds are the smallest of all birds, found extensively throughout the Americas. They are extremely fast nectarivores and regarded for their exquisite appearance. Humans have historically enjoyed their presence and often set up hummingbird feeders to encourage the birds to come and visit their homes. However, these feeders also serve as a dinner table for adult praying mantises, whom are to known to easily flit up into the feeders alongside the hungry hummingbirds.

In the video below, watch as a praying mantis ambushes an unsuspecting hummingbird, nearly capturing it in its sharp forelegs.

While this might seem like a rare occurrence, it is actually quite common. Thanks to user-driven platforms such as YouTube, we can see that praying mantises are deliberately seeking out bird feeders to surprise and tackle hummingbirds on a routine basis.

In another video below, a praying mantis snags and devours a hummingbird.

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