Spider-like Jellyfish Looks Out of This World

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) discovered this unique new species of jellyfish in the deepest trench on the planet.

NOAA researchers discovered this alien-like specimen while on a research expedition to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

“Scientists identified this hydromedusa as belonging to the genus Crossota.” Okeanos Explorer

jellyfish 2

The newly-discovered jellyfish was found 12,000 feet below the surface, between Japan and the Philippines.

It uses its long, slender tentacles to trap tiny creatures, much like a spider web. Staff from Okeanos Explorer explained, “Note the two sets of tentacles — short and long. At the beginning of the video, you’ll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless. This suggests an ambush predation mode.”

Scientists still have much to learn about our vast oceans, and this mysterious species.

What do we know for sure? This species truly looks out of this world. Check it out here:

Learn more about Jellyfish in the informative video below, from PBS…