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  • Swallowed by a Whale: True or False?

    Recently, reports surfaced that a man was swallowed by a feeding whale. The unusual event made many scratch their heads and wonder, “Could you actually be swallowed by a whale?” You’ll be relieved to know that no, you can’t actually be swallowed be a whale — but you could end up in the mouth of […] More

  • Prehistoric 32-Foot-Long “Sea Dragon” Discovered by Accident in UK Reservoir

    The fossilized remains of a colossal “sea dragon” have been unearthed in the U.K. The 180-million year old ichthyosaur was discovered in England in near perfect condition, and is now considered to be the largest complete ichthyosaur ever found in Britain. Icthyosaurs, which translates to “fish lizards” in Ancient Greek, were warm-blooded, air-breathing marine reptiles […] More

  • Living Alongside Apex Predators: Grizzlies Making a Comeback in the Lower 48

    Grizzly bears are making a comeback. Are you ready to coexist? Grizzlies once roamed the United States as far west as San Francisco, all the way east into the Great Plains, and south out of the states into Mexico. After years of ruthless hunting and habitat loss, only an estimated 1,500 remain, occupying just 2% […] More

  • Research Reveals That Dire Wolves Weren’t Actually Wolves

    Research has revealed that dire wolves — one of the most well-known predators of the Pleistocene — were not actually wolves at all. Dire wolves were one of the most widespread carnivores of the Ice Age, roaming North America from 250,000 years ago until their demise at the end of the Pleistocene around 13,000 years […] More

  • woolly-mammoth

    Five Perfectly-Preserved Mammoths Uncovered in England

    Five exquisitely preserved ice-age mammoths were unearthed in the Cotswolds, and paleontology and archeology fanatics around the world are jumping for joy. “Exciting doesn’t cover it. Other mammoths have been found in the UK but not in this state of preservation. They’re in near-pristine condition. You can’t take it in,” said Lisa Westcott Wilkins of […] More

  • Albino Honey Badger Discovered in South Africa

    An albino honey badger was discovered on camera trap footage in South Africa, and it’s the first ever scientific record of such an animal. The images were an incidental finding from a camera trap survey at De Hoop Nature Reserve, which was launched to determine the abundance of potential predators that may threaten a newly […] More

  • Perfectly Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Unearthed in China

    A late-stage dinosaur embryo was discovered by researchers in China, exquisitely preserved inside of its egg for eons. The tiny bird-like dinosaur — which somewhat resembled an ostrich — was in position for hatching when it died inside the egg. It remained there for nearly 70 million years. Paleontologist and co-researcher of the study Darla […] More

  • Mysterious and Rarely Seen Goat-Like Mammal Captured on Camera

    One of the most elusive mammals on Earth, the Bhutan takin, was unexpectedly snapped in a camera trap photo in Northeast India. The footage was collected over 10,000 feet above sea level in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is, remarkably, the first ever sighting of a takin in the East Kameng forest. The cameras […] More

  • Polar Bear vs. Walrus

    In a bold and risky move, a desperate mother polar bear approached and pawed at a massive sleeping walrus in hopes of finding some nourishment for herself and her starving cub. Solo bears don’t generally attempt to take on a walrus of this size by themselves, especially in this unhealthy condition, but she was likely […] More

  • Great Horned Owl Attacks Peregrine Falcon Nest

    Great horned owls are merciless predators with the capability of taking down sizable prey. In this footage captured by the Explore Live Nature Cams, a great horned owl swoops in on a peregrine falcon’s nest and ambushes one of the chicks inside. The falcon is able to defend the nest, but it was a difficult […] More

  • This Tiny Animal Is the Fastest Mammal on the Planet

    If you thought the fastest animal on the planet was the cheetah, you’d (surprisingly) be mistaken. That title goes to the Mexican free-tailed bat. Clocking in at just over 101 miles per hour, this tiny flying mammal is thought to have the fastest horizontal speed of any animal in existence. Not only that, these guys […] More

  • Ghostly Phantom Jellyfish Captured in Rare Footage off California Coast

    A rarely seen ghostly, breathtakingly beautiful phantom jellyfish (Stygiomedusa gigantea) has been captured on video. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) documented the colossal jellyfish in an exciting and unexpected sighting off the coast of California. Scientists were steering a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) through Monterey Bay when they happened upon the awe-inspiring creature 3,200 […] More

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