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  • “Beefy” Mountain Lions Captured on Trail Cams

    Camera traps have captured some insanely large mountain lions, including a “gargantuan tom cougar” dubbed Chuck Norris in Texas. Mountain lions are large, tan cats native to the Americas. Also known as the cougar, puma, panther, and catamount, the large cats can exceed 200 pounds in some regions. These guys are crafty predators, and silently […] More

  • Fierce, Elusive Predator Making Comeback in Yosemite

    Experts are beginning to find evidence of a predator almost never seen in Yosemite National Park — the fisher. While the animals are difficult to spot, wildlife crews in Yosemite are now finding their paw prints in the snow — an indication that they’re making a comeback in the region. Only between 150 to 300 […] More

  • Colorful New Seahorse Is Size of a Grain of Rice

    A new pygmy seahorse has been discovered off the coast of Japan — and it’s the size of a grain of rice. The brightly colored Hippocampus japapigu or “Japan pig” was identified hiding among algae in southeastern Japan. While the animal’s name may seem a bit odd, the locals insist that the species resembles a tiny pig. […] More

  • Animals Back From The Brink Of Extinction: Best Comebacks Of All Time

    Humans have destroyed countless wildlife populations; overhunting, habitat encroachment, and farming are just a few of the ways we’ve brought species to the brink of extinction. But there is hope. Conservation efforts to save these animals do work when enough of us come together to help. Restore your faith in humanity by joining us for some of […] More

  • This Tiny Bat Is the Fastest Mammal on the Planet

    If you thought the fastest mammal on the planet was the cheetah, you’d (surprisingly) be mistaken. That title goes to the Mexican free-tailed bat. Clocking in at just over 101 miles per hour, this tiny flying mammal is thought to have the fastest horizontal speed of any animal in existence. Not only that, these guys […] More

  • Airplane-Sized Seabird with Teeth Discovered in Antarctica

    The remnants of a seabird the size of a small airplane (with teeth!) were discovered on the Antarctic Island of Marambio. Scientists found only a remnant of the humerus, which is the arm bone, but could still easily determine that the specimen was one of the oldest Antarctic birds known to science. This particular species […] More

  • Humans Are Banned From This Deadly Snake-Infested Island in Brazil

    There’s an island off the southeastern coast of Brazil so dangerous that the country has made it illegal to step foot on it. Twenty-five miles from the mainland sits Ilha da Queimada Grande, an island overflowing with deadly pit vipers known as golden lanceheads (Bothrops insularis). The critically-endangered vipers, which aren’t found anywhere else, are […] More

  • “Living Fossil” Fish Lives Up to 100 Years, Is Pregnant for 5

    A fish that was once thought to be extinct has been making unexpected appearances in the West Indian Ocean — and scientists have now discovered that the “living fossils” could live up to 100 years. The coelacanth is a colossal fish weighing up to 200 pounds and measuring nearly seven feet in length. The species […] More

  • Jaguar Attacks Snoozing Otter, Regrets It Immediately

    As it turns out, you really don’t want to mess with an otter. Incredible footage of a jaguar sneaking up on a lounging otter was posted on reddit recently, and we’ve got to say we’re pretty impressed: the giant otter busted out a series of moves that would impress any kung fu master. Thinking the […] More

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