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    Pollution Wipes Out 10% Of Florida’s Manatee Population in 5 Months

    Florida’s manatees are having a rough year — 761 of them died in just one lagoon in the first 5 months of 2021. That’s 10% of the state’s population. The sunshine state’s iconic West Indian manatees have been starving to death because their main food source, seagrass, is unable to grow in the some of […] More

  • “Living Fossil” Fish Lives Up to 100 Years, Is Pregnant for 5

    A fish that was once thought to be extinct has been making unexpected appearances in the West Indian Ocean — and scientists have now discovered that the “living fossils” could live up to 100 years. The coelacanth is a colossal fish weighing up to 200 pounds and measuring nearly seven feet in length. The species […] More

  • Sharks Hunt in Shifts to Avoid Each Other, Share Resources

    Sharks are the kings of coexistence; Scientists have just discovered that the animals conserve resources and avoid one another by voluntarily hunting in shifts. The research out of Murdoch University’s Harry Butler Institute is the first example of marine predators dividing up resources in a shared foraging area. Drs. Karissa Lear and Adrian Gleiss led […] More

  • Tortoise Considered Extinct for 100+ Years Discovered in Galápagos

    Researchers have just discovered a Fernandina giant tortoise — a species believed to have gone extinct over a century ago. Found alive and well on the Galápagos Islands, the single female represents Chelonoidis phantasticus, a species that hasn’t been observed since 1906. A team of scientists from the California Academy of Sciences located the tortoise on […] More

  • Tenacious Mother Octopus Rolls Her Eggs to Safety in Extraordinary Video

    A marine biologist in Australia recently captured incredible cephalopod video footage — an octopus rolling a plastic pipe containing its eggs back into the ocean after it had washed ashore. Sheree Marris was walking along a beach in Melbourne when she happened upon a discarded plastic pipe. Picking it up to examine it, she noticed […] More

  • 70 Orcas Take Down 50-Foot Blue Whale

    An estimated 70 orcas recently worked together to take down and devour a 50-foot juvenile blue whale off the coast of western Australia — a feat that has only been recorded a handful of times. The attack took place in Bremer Canyon, a thriving ecosystem where orcas are frequently spotted in the summer months. Multiple […] More

  • Meet the Asiatic Cheetah: Rare Big Cat on the Brink of Extinction

    The Asiatic cheetah once roamed open lands from India to the Middle East, but today only an estimated 40 individuals remain — making them one of the most endangered big cat subspecies on the planet. The stunning cheetahs now exist only in remote areas of Iran; the rest have been wiped out by relentless hunting, […] More

  • Meet the Potoo: This Cartoon-Like Bird Actually Exists

    My, what bulging eyes you have! Meet the potoo, a weird and wonderful wide-eyed bird found in the lowland forests of Central and South America. These guys are nocturnal, solitary, vocal, and look like they came straight out of a cartoon. The common potoo doesn’t look like a very smart bird but its haunting melancholic […] More

  • The Oldest Wolf Ever Recorded

    Image: FB/WolfWatchUK Meet Madadh, the oldest known wolf to have ever been recorded. While the average wolf in the wild lives to only 8 and those in captivity rarely make it to 14, this female overcame the odds and thrived into her 19th year. Madadh, also known as “Maddie,” was a captive and well-socialized Canadian […] More

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