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  • This Tiny Animal Is the Fastest Mammal on the Planet

    If you thought the fastest mammal on the planet was the cheetah, you’d (surprisingly) be mistaken. That title goes to the Mexican free-tailed bat. Clocking in at just over 101 miles per hour, this tiny flying mammal is thought to have the fastest horizontal speed of any animal in existence. Not only that, these guys […] More

  • This Frog Changes Colors to Impress Females

    The Indian bullfrog may not look like much until it’s time to impress the ladies. When this frog is ready to mate, he changes color from a dull olive green (below) to a brilliant shade of yellow. As if that weren’t fancy enough, his vocal sacs turn bright blue to perfectly contrast his new skin […] More

  • “Living Fossil” Fish Lives Up to 100 Years, Is Pregnant for 5

    A fish that was once thought to be extinct has been making unexpected appearances in the West Indian Ocean — and scientists have now discovered that the “living fossils” could live up to 100 years. The coelacanth is a colossal fish weighing up to 200 pounds and measuring nearly seven feet in length. The species […] More

  • Humpback Whales Protect Other Species From Orca Attacks

    It’s official: humpback whales are the superheroes of the sea. Scientists have recorded 115 separate cases of humpback whales intervening in orca hunts to save various marine animals. Robert Pitman from the US National Marine Fisheries Service wrote in one published paper, “Anecdotes have been passed down for centuries about dolphins at sea coming to the […] More

  • This Jumping Spider Nurses Its Newborns With Milk

    Scientists in China have revealed that one species of spider nourishes its newborns with “milk” — a behavior typically only observed in mammals. Toxeus magnus, an ant-mimicking jumping spider native to southeast Asia, secretes a highly nutritious milk-like fluid containing sugars, fats, and proteins to keep its young alive. The substance contains four times the […] More

  • These Tiny Marsupials Mate Until They Drop Dead

    These tiny mountain-dwelling marsupials have a unique and unusual mating strategy—the males mate frantically with multiple females until they drop dead. “Reproduce or die trying” is evidently the motto of the antechinus, a miniature shrew-like mammal found only in the remote mountaintops of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. For these animals, mating is a once […] More

  • Spiders Rain Down from Sky [VIDEO]

    We can’t decide if this is fascinating or horrifying. Your opinion would probably depend on whether or not you’re a fan of spiders. A strange phenomenon sometimes occurs where certain species of spiders “rain down” on entire towns. Watch the video below to see one such sighting caught on camera: This behavior was recorded in San Antonio […] More

  • Jaguar Attacks Snoozing Otter, Regrets It Immediately

    As it turns out, you really don’t want to mess with an otter. Incredible footage of a jaguar sneaking up on a lounging otter was posted on reddit recently, and we’ve got to say we’re pretty impressed: the giant otter busted out a series of moves that would impress any kung fu master. Thinking the […] More

  • Meet the Asiatic Cheetah: Rare Big Cat on the Brink of Extinction

    The Asiatic cheetah once roamed open lands from India to the Middle East, but today only an estimated 40 individuals remain — making them one of the most endangered big cat subspecies on the planet. The stunning cheetahs now exist only in remote areas of Iran; the rest have been wiped out by relentless hunting, […] More

  • “Beefy” Mountain Lions Captured on Trail Cams

    Camera traps have captured some insanely large mountain lions, including a “gargantuan tom cougar” dubbed Chuck Norris in Texas. Mountain lions are large, tan cats native to the Americas. Also known as the cougar, puma, panther, and catamount, the large cats can exceed 200 pounds in some regions. These guys are crafty predators, and silently […] More

  • Living Alongside Apex Predators: Grizzlies Making a Comeback in the Lower 48

    Grizzly bears are making a comeback. Are you ready to coexist? Grizzlies once roamed the United States as far west as San Francisco, all the way east into the Great Plains, and south out of the states into Mexico. After years of ruthless hunting and habitat loss, only an estimated 1,500 remain, occupying just 2% […] More

  • This Mysterious Yapping Wild Cat Hasn’t Been Spotted in the US since 1986

    Meet the jaguarundi: a tiny wild cat that moves like an otter, looks like a weasel, chirps like a bird, and is often mistaken for a house cat. Also known as the “otter cat,” jaguarundis roam Central and South America and were once thought to occasionally wander into Texas. However, despite multiple reports of sightings […] More

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