Bear Rescues Drowning Bird [VIDEO]

Zoo visitors captured a bear saving a bird from drowning on video!

A crow fell into a moat in this brown bear’s exhibit at the Budapest Zoo. The bear, named Vali, was eating a lunch of fruit and vegetables when she noticed the crow struggling in the water.

Onlookers assumed that she would probably kill and eat the bird as she pawed at it in the water.

They were all caught by surprise when she pulled the crow out and let it go, walking off to continue munching on her lunch.

Budapest Zoo described the event:

“Vali approaches the side of the pond, and after first attempting to pull it up with its paw, bites on to the crow’s wing and drags it out of the water. The terrified crow nabs Vali in the nose, and she immediately lets go of the wing and retires to her apples and carrots. The bird appears in shock, lying on its back for a few seconds while panting. Soon it manages to flip itself over on its feet and appears to be staring at Vali in surprise that she ‘saved’ it.”

bear 1

What an amazing sight!

Watch the video here: