Massive Mountain Goat Crosses the Road

Photo by Ross Donihue, CC BY 4.0

An absolutely massive mountain goat was caught on camera crossing the road in Glacier National Park.

The beautiful beast looked like some kind of a mythical creature as it sauntered casually along the Montana road.


These goats can occasionally be seen taking to the roads in the mountainous terrain they call home.

Mountain goats are incredible creatures, with a penchant for defying gravity while cliff-climbing.

Despite their name, mountain goats aren’t actually goats; they belong to the antelope family. Native to the mountainous regions of western North America, these sure-footed climbers are regularly spotted in seemingly impossible positions on steep cliffs and ice. The hooved animals are well-suited for such climbing, even on 60-degree slopes, due to inner pads on their feet that provide traction, and cloven hooves that can spread far apart for grip. They also possess sharp dewclaws that prevent them from slipping, and extremely powerful shoulder and neck muscles for launching themselves upward.

Males can reach 300 pounds or more, while females — also called nannies — grow to roughly 150 pounds. Both sexes have horns which they use to defend themselves or their young against predators. While it was an extremely unusual occurrence, one mountain goat actually used its horns to gore a grizzly bear to death in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. The grizzly was attempting to prey upon the animal, attacking its head. In a rare fatal self-defense move, the goat used its horns to fight back. It ended up killing the bear by piercing through the bear’s neck and armpits.