Leopard Walks Through Restaurant in South Africa

When you go to a restaurant in Hollywood, you might bump into a celebrity or two. But – when you go to a restaurant in South Africa, you might bump into a leopard or two…

This incredible video captures the intense moment a leopard entered a lodge’s restaurant, and walked amongst the guests in pursuit of a large antelope it had been stalking.


This sighting was filmed at Singita Ebony Lodge by 39-year old Erika Wiese.

“The leopard was seen stalking a bushbuck in the riverbed in front of the lodge earlier. Singita’s staff is well-trained to deal with encounters of this kind and have strict safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of both staff and guests in these situations, we were, therefore, able to remain calm, silent and in awe of the beautiful creature that was so close to us,” Wiese said.

“We felt complete awe, reverence, respect and gratitude. What a rare experience to have such an encounter with a leopard.”

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