Hyenas vs. Wild Dogs: Stealing A Kill

Hyenas vs. Wild Dogs: Stealing A Kill


These hyenas are having a real laugh – as they prove it’s a dog eat dog world. The vicious pack stormed in to claim a catch off a group of wild dogs. A video shows the wild dogs happily feasting on a kill, when suddenly they are startled and turn to run. Two of three braver dogs try to take their last rapid bites out of the carcass before a larger hyena bounds into the picture and quickly circles around the food.

The wild dogs are very hyper by nature, so when they are hunting they are very jumpy. First, you see them surrounding the antelope, each taking their turn at biting the lechwe. Then when the hyena comes, they are also cautious, as the hyena is a lot stronger.

So when they see them coming, they scatter to give the hyena space and to assess the situation.

Hyenas are formidable predators, but wild dogs have one the highest success rate at killing. Almost 80% of their hunts are successful, a lot higher than a lion’s 1 in 10!

In this case, the wild dogs knew their boundaries, and had no choice but to retreat as the hyenas devoured the carcass.

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