These Female Spiders Attack Potential Mates If They Send the Wrong Message

Does this uninterested lady spider give black widows a run for their money? Either way, this is clearly a bad first date.

Everyone knows the story behind the black widow’s name. These spiders have been known to practice sexual cannibalism, in which the female sometimes kills and eats the male after mating. However, research does show that this far less common than previosly thought among most black widow species.

Dancing white lady spiders, however, bring this behavior up a notch. The species, a type of huntsman spider found in the desert of Namibia, communicates through seismic vibrations — they tap on the desert floor to locate and find mates.

white lady spider

Males have been observed traveling across the desert for more than a mile in the pitch black of night in search of a partner. Once the male spider finds a female’s burrow, he makes his presence known and sends her a message by tapping on the ground with his front legs. If the female is pleased, she will mate with him. But if the wrong message is communicated, the female will attack, and possibly kill, the male spider.

Sounds like a pretty bad night.

In this video, a male spider can be seen trekking miles in search of a female. While he is unsuccessful in wooing his mate, he survives the encounter. Better luck next time!

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