Elephant Charges Cops & Wild Dogs

Elephant Charges Cops & Wild Dogs


Usually authority is pretty well defined — unless you’re the police encountering an angry elephant in Africa. 

Here we see the moment a police officer out in the bush is tested when he comes across pack of Wild African dogs. These hypercarnivores are highly social animals, preferring to live in large packs in order to increase their chances of taking down prey.

In this video, the dogs have come across a few small carcasses and are intent on maintaining their position. Wild African Dogs are effective predators, built more solidly than other African canids. In packs they pose a threat due to sheer volume in numbers, but seem undeterred by the police vehicle that sits on the scene.

As the police attempt to move the wild dogs off the road, a large African elephant comes stampeding out of the bush. The bush elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal, and appears a real threat to both the dogs and the vehicle.

In a raucous tantrum, the elephant makes its presence clear, parading out into the road with its trunk held high. The Wild Dogs instantly scatter and the police seems to hesitate at first, evaluating their position.

As the elephant’s anger rises and it begins chasing the wild dogs away, it turns its attention to the vehicle. Although an imposing figure of authority, the police quickly back away from the aggressive, trumpeting animal.

You’ve never know what you’re going to see in Africa.