Chimp Takes Down Drone With Stick, Takes Selfies

Mira Meijer Burgers' Zoo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Chimpanzees + sticks = a broken drone.

It happened during a video shoot for the Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands. After the drone made its first fly around the enclosure, the chimps were seen running around and picking up sticks ad climbed to the tops of trees. One armed chimp then lunged at the drone, knocking it out of the air.

While the drone was destroyed in the incident, the GoPro survived. Which — good for us — was able to give us this amazing footage.

After the drone was taken down, chimps in the enclosure surrounded and inspected the drone. Even more amazing, they picked up the drone and ended up taking selfies and giving an extreme closeup to their lives.

While chimps have always been known to use tools, this situation gave researchers more to be excited about. The fact that chimps seemed to prepare themselves once they spotted the drones and deliberately used the sticks to knock down the drone suggests a higher capability for tool use  than we already thought. Chimps in zoos have been known to use 13 different types of tools and researchers believe that each tool is chosen for a job for a specific reason.

Chimps: They’re just like us!

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