Buck Challenges a Bull [VIDEO]

A whitetail buck challenging a bull? You don’t see that every day.

The unusual battle was filmed from the roadside by a surprised passerby. Hunter Weber of Buckley, Illinois, was making the rounds scouting for whitetail deer, just as he does every November, when he spotted the unlikely duo.

The clash lasted for only about a minute, and shows the whitetail repeating charging the bull, who seems wholly uninterested in a confrontation. We must say we do admire the confidence of a deer who repeatedly charges at a literal ton of solid muscle.

This sighting occurred during the height of the rut, when bucks become more aggressive and overcharged with testosterone. They’ll change anything that looks at them the wrong way during this time, as the fight to compete for mates and territory. The rutting season generally occurs in November and extends into early December.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a buck going up against an animal of a different species (for example, click here to watch a video of a buck and a ram going head to head).However, in the case of buck vs. bull, the two animals are clearly in entirely different weight classes.

For reference, in the video below you can see the moment a farmer pulls an entire antler out of an impaled bovine animal — It might as well have been a large thorn for all the cow seemed to care.

Person pulls an elk antler out of a cow’s shoulder from r/WTF

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