Seagull Rides Seagull

Nothing to see here. Just a seagull riding another seagull, midair.

The video, posted on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service Official, has accumulated millions of views and quickly became a viral sensation online.

The seagull appears to be taking a short break as his buddy keeps on flying as if nothing unusual was going on. After several seconds, the flying gull decides it’s tired of carrying the extra weight and pecks at the freeloader until he casually flies off.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a seagull hanging out on top of another one, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it happen in flight.

Standing on top of a female gull is apparently how a male signals to her that he’s ready to mate. Or that he just doesn’t want to walk anymore.

And when other gulls aren’t available, vehicles are always an option. Here’s one hanging out on the front of someone’s car as they drive down the road.

Seagulls are known for their — shall we say — unique personalities. This one, for instance, casually walked into a convenience store and got himself a sandwich.

These guys apparently have a penchant for shoplifting, because here we are again:

That gull preferred chips, and this one was documented eating — of all things — an entire rabbit. He just swallowed that poor thing whole.

This one pooped on a cat:

This one’s doing a rain dance on someone’s lawn (apparently mimicking the sound of rain brings worms to the surface.)


And this one just finds himself hilarious.

What will we catch them doing next?