Predator vs. Predator: Episode III

Predator vs. Predator: Episode III


In the wild, predators must eat other animals in order to survive, and they often target the young, the sick, the weak, and the defenseless. Sometimes though, even predators themselves can become prey to even more powerful and crafty predators. These “predator versus predator” interactions are among the most fascinating of all natural events.

This is the third episode of the Predator vs. Predator series. Click here to watch episode II!

Via Imgur
Via Imgur

From bobcats catching sharks to wasps hunting tarantulas, here are some of the most amazing predator-predator interactions on planet earth…

Want to see more? Watch the full clips:
Octopus vs. Shark
Mamba vs. Mamba
Bear vs. Wolves
Hammerhead vs. Tiger Shark
Killer Whale vs. Sea Lion
Cheetahs vs. Cheetah
Lion vs. Hyenas

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