Trailcam Captures Mountain Lion Getting Midnight Meal

This is the amazing moment a mountain lion got a quick midnight meal. A trailcam set up outside a northern California ranch captured the attack on video.

The video shows the wild feline sneak up behind the oblivious deer before suddenly tackling it and dragging it off by the neck.

Just check out those eyes…

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The footage was captured by trailcam set up by local resident Randy Spade at the ranch in northern California. Spade set up a network of 30 cameras around the ranch to document the wildlife.


Sure enough, just a few months later, a second mountain lion attack was captured on one of the trailcams.


Spade wrote in the description of his video that he had seen fewer deer that year than in years past.

“If you check out my videos from past years you will see lots of nice bucks this time of year. NOT this year,” Spade wrote. “We have always seen more than our share of lions but in 5 years we have not seen a kill. Now this year we catch 2 in just over a month!!!”

The sightings above were from a few years ago, but they’re definitely unique, isolated incidents. Below you can watch a similar sighting filmed just a couple months ago. In this video, the deer gets away (probably due to the car’s lights spooking the cougar).

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