Lions vs. Crocodile – Fight Over Elephant Carcass

This crocodile and three hungry lions faced off in a brutal match over an apparently tasty elephant carcass.

A pride of lions had been guarding the carcass when the croc decided to check out what was on the menu. One male lion stepped up to defend their turf, leading to a tense standoff between the two apex predators.

At first, the animals keep a bit of distance between themselves, but when the lion makes the first move, the crocodile opens its mouth wide and swings its massive tail in warning.

While lions have a fearsome reputation, even they aren’t immune to a croc’s powerful bite. One careless slip and the reptile could hold the large cat in its jaws below the water’s surface until it suffocates.

Eventually, two more lions join the fight and overpower the lone crocodile. The lions attack their opponent from behind, gnawing at its legs and tail.

The unlucky reptile isn’t quick or agile enough to withstand the attack from so many sides. Every time it lunges at its attackers, the cats manage to jump out of the way in time.

Before long, the clearly injured and bleeding crocodile drags itself away, while the lions happily snack on their hard-won prize.

Crocodiles are highly opportunistic, and will happily eat dead and decaying animals like this one if given the chance. They eat roughly 5% of their body weight in meat each week, averaging out to about 2-5 pounds of meat per day. They’ll eat even more if given the chance, though.


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