Curiosity Quilled The Cat: Lioness vs Porcupine

lion vs porcupine 1

These two lionesses can’t resist the temptation to have some porcupine. Even after one was quilled multiple times, she continued pursuing the prickly creature.

An animal the size of a porcupine may seem like an easy meal for a pride of lions, but that’s not always the case. Despite being some of the most awe-inspiring predators on the planet, lions occasionally have fatal interactions with porcupines. Wounds to the paws, mouth, and throat can make it difficult or even impossible for them to hunt. Quills to the chest cavity and lungs are especially harmful — and can end in the lion’s demise.

The conservationist in the video below explains, “This is why lions are inherently fearful of any animal that can blow itself up like a porcupine.”

lion vs porcupine 2

These particular lions met the porcupine while out on an “enrichment walk” with lion conservationist Kevin Richardson, also known as the Lion Whisperer.

His wildlife sanctuary aims to protect large carnivores in Africa by transforming the way humans think about them.

And for good reason: The current lion population is estimated to be only between 15,000 and 20,000 on the entire African continent. Lions are declining rapidly due to loss of habitat and natural prey, conflict with humans and livestock, and unsustainable trophy hunting. Their bones are also sought after for traditional medicines in the Far East.

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The fascinating lion/porcupine interaction at the sanctuary can be seen below: