Lion Ambushes Stampeding Wildebeest

Lion Ambushes Stampeding Wildebeest


This is the amazing moment a lion surprises a wildebeest with a swift surprise attack.

The big cat ambushed an unsuspecting wildebeest as its herd stampeded across a dirt road. The lion quickly leaped into action, sinking its teeth into the animal’s throat.

The lion kept its teeth clenched around the wildebeest’s throat as the two struggled until the wildebeest final gave in.

This was filmed in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania during a safari by plastic surgeon Gabriel Tahir, 59. He spotted the incredible moment on the fourth day of his week-long safari in Africa last month and shared the footage online after returning home to Tel Aviv, Israel. He couldnt believe his luck after stumbling across the incredible sight just 15 minutes after entering the south entrance of the 5,7000 square mile park.