During a journey through the Pantanal region of Brazil, a tourist managed to capture this amazing footage of a large Jaguar stalking a caiman along the river bank.

The Jaguar suddenly dives into the river… only to come out of the water with an amazing catch. The feline emerges from the water with its prize held firmly between its jaws: a Yacare Caiman.

Emerging from the water, the large cat nearly loses its grip on the struggling crocodilian.

With a swift adjustment on the shore, the jaguar sinks its teeth into the neck of the caiman, severing the cervical vertebrae and immediately paralyzing the reptile.

The Pantanal region in Brazil is home to about 10 million caimans, making it the largest single crocodilian population on earth. Jaguars are known to hunt caimans with a surprise pounce style attack like this. They are great swimmers, able to attack from land and water.

Jaguar in the ocean

While this type of attack is common for Jaguars, it is rarely filmed. This is a one of a kind clip of a wild moment in one of the most wild and untouched places on the planet. The Pantanal is a lush habitat for countless known and unknown species, thriving despite human encroachment. It is also home to one of the largest and healthiest populations of jaguars on Earth.