Giant Anaconda Attacks And Swallows Caiman

Giant Anaconda Attacks And Swallows Caiman


When these two amazing predators meet in the water, only one will survive. This video captures the incredible moment when a giant anaconda surprises an unsuspecting caiman.

Anacondas typically hunt in the evenings and at night, when they can lurk undetected at the bottom of swamps and rivers waiting for prey to swim by. When this caiman approaches, the anaconda unleashes a swift surprise attack, catching the croc off-guard.

Holding the caiman in place with sharp, curved teeth, the massive snake then wraps its thick, muscular body around its victim to asphyxiate it before swallowing the creature whole. Anacondas possess elastic-like jaws that can allow it to consume large prey.

As the world’s heaviest snake and one of the longest — capable of reaching more than 15 feet long — anacondas can easily tuck away the much smaller caiman. While they tend to slither quite slowly on land, these massive beasts can move quickly in water, making them a formidable predator for animals who share their habitat.

Spending most of their time in water, these aquatic snakes will eat almost anything they can get their mouths around — including fish, birds, small and large mammals and other reptiles, like the occasional caiman. Encounters like this, however, are rarely observed and going after reptiles can be a risky endeavor for even the meanest anaconda!