Flying Foxes Narrowly Escape Freshwater Crocodiles [VIDEO]

This is one of the most shocking wildlife stand-offs ever filmed — Australian Flying Foxes test their luck as they dip into a river filled with hungry crocodiles!

Australia is a land of extremes, especially in the country’s northern tropics. In that part of the Land Down Under, winter brings drought and bush fires, and summer brings floods and cyclones. As a result, these two seasons — referred to as “the dry season” and “the wet season” — have a huge affect on the native wildlife.

Flying foxes are the largest bats in the world, and while they are not exclusive to Australia, they are a characteristic of Australian skies, especially in the subtropical east and tropical north.

In these regions during the dry season, thirsty flying foxes must swoop down to the rivers to drink.

The problem? These rivers are full of crocodiles.

Check it out:

Flying foxes vs. freshwater crocodiles

While Australia is well known for its deadly crocodiles, the ones pictured above and the video below are not the massive saltwater crocodiles of legend; they are the smaller freshwater crocodiles, which are practically harmless to humans. However, to the flying foxes, these little crocodiles are nightmarish. Could you imagine trying to get a simple drink of water and having to contend with a host of crocodiles?

Thankfully for the flying foxes, the freshwater crocodiles are ill-equipped for capturing airborne prey. Most of the time, they strike too late and miss the bats. Only a few lucky crocodiles manage to catch a few unlucky bats.


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