Floods Threaten Escape of Gators from Texas Sanctuary

Image: Twitter/@FBCSO

Gator Country, a Texas alligator sanctuary that houses 350 gators, remains on high alert as floodwaters rise to the tops of containment fences.

The owner, Gary Saurage, told local station KFDM on Monday, “We’re less than a foot from going over the fences. All of these are certified high fences, but look ― when it won’t quit, it won’t quit.”

The sanctuary is home to 450 reptiles. Saurage reassured the public that all crocodiles and venomous snakes had been moved to a safe place, and that he’s working tirelessly to keep the situation under control — for both the gators and the public.

He also wanted the public to know that rumors of escaped gators were untrue. “I’m not going to tell you that we may not lose a few little alligators like that. It’s very possible. But I can tell you that we’re almost through this thing, and we’re holding tight. So all those folks who are spreading this rumor, I’m telling you now, that we have our eyes on this thing and we’re doing all we can.”