This Colossal 14-Pound Lobster Was Caught During a Hurricane in Bermuda

Image: Sanctuary Marine Bermuda/FB

A fishing charter crew caught a colossal 14-pound lobster off the coast of Bermuda during a hurricane.

“Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters,” the charter company said on their Facebook page.

The company, called Sanctuary Marine Bermuda, explained that the lobster was caught by accident and the crew had to bring it on land to untangle it from the line.

The crew, Captain Matthew Jones and fisherman Tristan Loescher, were fishing from the dock when they snagged their line on something. Realizing it was clearly very large, Loescher dove in to see what was at the end of the line.

When he got to the bottom, he found the lobster — It had been hooked in the claw and was tangled in the line and a nearby mooring. Loescher brought it to the surface, unhooked it, and weighed it on a nearby scale. “It came in right on 14 pounds,” Captain Jones told the Washington Post.

The lobster is presumed to be a Caribbean spiny lobster, a clawless crustacean that thrives on reefs and in mangroves of the warm tropical waters of the western Atlantic. The monster sea creature was speculated to be nearly 40 years old. Its “wingspan” stretched 4 feet, and each of its legs were 2 feet long.

The crew was fishing for snapper, thinking that the recent hurricane may have moved more fish to the surface. While they didn’t catch any giant snapper, we think this was a pretty good alternative.


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