14 Lions vs. Elephant

14 Lions vs. Elephant


This is the amazing moment a pride of 14 lions attempts to take down a young elephant who had been separated from the rest of the herd.

The video, which was captured at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, shows the calf completely surrounded by the lions. As the big cats began leaping onto its back and biting at the young pachyderm, things did not look promising. But soon, the events took a dramatic turn.

Bravely fighting off its attackers, the elephant made a quick and wise decision to run across a nearby river in a desperate bid to shrug off the onslaught.

Despite the close call, the story ended well for the elephant. The adolescent individual was seen reunited with the rest of its herd the next day.

“In the 30-plus years I have been a safari guide in Zambia at the Luangwa Park, never have I seen anything like this,” said Innocent, a safari guide who witnessed the incredible event. “We were all so worried the baby elephant would be killed right before us.”

Most animals typically keep their distance from fully-grown elephants, as they can be highly dangerous and aggressive when disturbed. But lions and other predators do sometimes go after young calves.

Fittingly, the safari staff have decided to name the calf Hercules in recognition of his bravery and strength.