The intense moment when two leopards encounter a python — and predators collide. 

Leopards are members of the family Felidae and inhabit a range across sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia. These animals appear similar to jaguars but can be distinguished by their distinctive coat patterns, comprised of smaller and more densely packed rosettes.

Leopards are extremely athletic animals with light physiques, strong legs, and impressive tree climbing abilities. They possess opportunistic hunting behaviors and are renowned for their ability to drag the large carcasses of prey up into the tree tops.

Leopards are solitary hunters that prefer to feed on antelopes, deer, and rodents.

Pythons share a territorial range with leopards, and although not directly hunted, may become targeted upon encounter.

These large snakes are ambush predators that kill their prey by grabbing them with backwards facing fangs and then performing asphyxiation via constriction.

Their diet consists of small mammals and occasionally birds, although they have been known to take down bigger animals when presented the opportunity.

Although nonvenomous, once a python gets its body situated around a mammal in preparation for construction, there is usually no escape from impending suffocation.

When two leopards encounter a python in the grasslands, first they analyze the situation, then work together as a team to face off with their dangerous opponent.