Monday, June 26, 2017

Orcas vs. Tiger Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Shark

Off the coast of Costa Rica, we witness for the first time a tiger shark being hunted down by a group of orcas (aka killer...

2 Leopards Encounter a Python [Photos & Video]

The intense moment when two leopards encounter a python — and predators collide. Leopards are members of the family Felidae and inhabit a range across sub-Saharan...

VIDEO: Lion Surprises Leopard

Talk about a rude awakening! This is the intense moment a bold lion sneaked up on an unsuspecting leopard taking a nap, and...

Huge Whale Crashes Into Boat

Off the coast of Maui, this boat of whalewatchers got to witness a humpback whale way closer than they had ever hoped. Watch as this huge whale slaps its fin in the water a few times before smashing right into the side of the boat.Flipper flapping is...

This Bird Looks Like A Dinosaur and Eats Crocodiles

No, this is not a still from Jurassic Park -- this is a very real animal that exists on this planet. Who knew?These birds,...

Elephant Herd Rescues Baby Elephant from River

Witness the moment an elephant calf got stuck in a river, and needed a helping hand -- or, rather, a helping trunk (or two).The...

Killer Whale’s Surprise Beach Attack

This Orca demonstrates its amazing ability to surf the wave right onto the beach, nearly stranding itself on land in order to capture the baby seal. This beaching style of hunting can require years of practice. Beaching can be very risky and possibly f...

These Baby Rhinos Have a Dark Past, Bright Future

Have you ever heard the sound a baby rhinoceros makes? Baby rhinos love belly rubs, mud baths, and a good scratch behind the ears....

Surreal Feather Stars Have Up To 200 Arms

Image via NOAA Okeanos Explorer ProgramWhat looks like a colorful feather duster, moves like a giant spider and lives in the ocean? That would be...

Paralyzed Black Bear Rescued, Makes Miraculous Full Recovery

A young black bear survived a coma and paralysis and went on to make a full recovery, thanks to dedicated wildlife rehabilitators in New...

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