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  • African Wild Dogs Are Among the Most Efficient Hunters on Earth

    With their arresting size, cunning, and athleticism, Africa’s big cats—like lions, leopards, and cheetahs—get plenty of attention as avatars of carnivory. But the swiftest death on the sun-baked savanna comes from an animal that doesn’t look all that different from the lovable mutt snoring on your couch. African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) are among the […] More

  • Amazing Adaptations: How These Animals Survive Sub-Zero Temperatures

    The coldest time of year can be a bitter inconvenience for humans, but for many species, surviving winter temperatures means wielding evolved biological tricks that appear to cheat Death itself — all of which make grumbling about donning a hat and extra layers a little trivial, in retrospect. From frozen frogs to butt-breathing turtles, here […] More

  • Elusive Clouded Leopard Caught on Camera at High Altitude Himalayan Forest

    A rare clouded leopard was caught on camera at one of the highest altitudes ever reported. In a first, a team of researchers captured remote camera photos of a group of clouded leopards in the Nagaland Mountains in northeastern India. The leopards were reported at a remarkable elevation of 3700 meters by the researchers, led […] More

  • Bacteria or Venom? The Surprising Secret Behind The Komodo Dragon’s Deadly Bite

    A water buffalo moves slowly through a shaded woodland on Rinca Island. It’s the dry season, so the grass rustles with each footfall, and it’s oppressively hot. Without warning, a massive reptile—the size of a full-grown man—bursts through the shrubbery. It’s a Komodo dragon, and before the buffalo can react, it lands a deep, gouging […] More

  • Nightmarish Parasitoid Wasps Are Quietly Taking Over the Planet

    In the popular Alien sci-fi film franchise, the titular species—known as the “xenomorph”—targets hapless humans, often horrifically implanting their bodies with its own eggs. When the eggs hatch, the young emerge explosively from their unwilling incubator, with invariably fatal results for the human host. The jarring life cycle seems like something cooked up entirely in […] More

  • 4 Unbelievably Strange Snakes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    When it comes to snakes, most of the attention goes to highly venomous varieties (like cobras and vipers) and constrictors (like boas and pythons.) This makes sense since many of these species are either quite dangerous to humans or, at least, perceived to be. But there’s a remarkable diversity of snakes and their lifestyles—and some […] More

  • These Bats Make Epic 100km Trips for Food Every Night

    Most of us are probably familiar with the occasional mid-night voyage to a drive-through window to quell the munchies. Well, one small species of bat takes the concept of long-distance moonlit foraging to whole other level. Lesser long-nosed bats (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae) are native to a large swath of territory that takes up much of Mexico, […] More

  • Why “Man-Eating” Animals Attack People

    Thanks to tens of thousands of years of increasingly complex tools and technology at our disposal, humans have become the most apex of apex predators on this planet, doing what our hominid ancestors could not: keep ourselves from becoming food. Well, mostly. As clever as we are, humans are still very much considered morsels by […] More

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    Nature’s Greatest Killing Machines: The Harpy Eagle

    The vibrant rainforests of Central and South America have no shortage of impressive predators. Jaguars slink through the understory, caimans and anacondas patrol murky waterways, and venomous lancehead vipers wait coiled below the leaf litter. But one of the region’s most proficient and deadly hunters rains fear down from the balmy canopy: the harpy eagle […] More

  • The Creepiest Invasive Species That Go Unnoticed by Most People

    As humanity becomes increasingly interconnected across the globe, the unintentional spread of non-native species into vulnerable habitats is creating a growing crisis. Wherever they go, invasive species have the potential to wreak havoc on ecosystems and economies alike, occasionally swelling to scourge status in the absence of native predators or meaningful restrictions on their reproduction. […] More

  • Cute But Deadly: These Surprisingly Venomous Mammals Could Kill You

    When most of us think of venomous animals, we probably picture cold-blooded creatures — reptiles like vipers or cobras, deadly spiders, or maybe a tropical fish festooned with stinging spines. But there are a select few venomous mammals that also deserve recognition for their chemical weaponry. Some more famous examples include the male platypus — […] More

  • It Turns Out the Yeti Is Probably Just a Rare Bear

    The word “yeti” conjures up a specific image in the folklore of Nepal and Tibet — a massive, shaggy, distinctly ape-like beast that wanders the frigid and desolate Himalayan snowscape. It certainly doesn’t evoke anything that looks like it’s about to impart wisdom about stopping forest fires. But, according to a recent study published in […] More

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