A group of safari goers captured this epic showdown between a couple of cheetahs and a pack of African wild dogs in South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park.

The cheetahs had been nursing a fresh wildebeest kill when the wild dogs approached. At first, the cats managed to keep them at bay, but the wild dogs’ strength is in their numbers.

With their buddies as backup, it didn’t take long for the gang to overwhelm the cheetahs and take their carcass for themselves.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

While cheetahs are capable of outrunning Ferraris, they aren’t necessarily known for their strength. In fact, they tend to avoid confrontation with other predators, which means it’s not unusual for their meals to be stolen.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

African wild dogs, on the other hand, are great at overpowering their enemies, even if it’s just with sheer persistence. They hunt in packs of up to 20, primarily targeting antelopes, but sometimes taking on larger prey like wildebeest and zebras. And, nearly 80% of their hunts are successful.

When they come across competition, their strategy is to launch a coordinated attack, taunting their opponents with a series of loud whoops and squeaks. Even the boldest cheetah just can’t stand up to that.