This video captures the dramatic moment when a leopard spots a python in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

At first the curious cat cautiously investigates the long reptile. Though leopards prefer medium-sized mammals like impalas and deers, a large African python makes a decent meal.

Eventually the leopard walks toward the snake’s head. The cat seems surprised when the snake moves and leaps back with a snarl before swatting at its prey.

The python attempts to slither away, but the leopard doubles back, zeroing in on its head again. Then with a quick swipe of its long, hooked claws, he grabs the snake and puts it in his mouth.

With the snake firmly between its sharp teeth and powerful jaws, the cats starts dragging it off — perhaps in search of a tree where it can safely enjoy its meal above ground.

But things take an unexpected turn.

Somehow the python gets loose and scurries away to a nearby river. Undaunted, the leopard looks in before heading into the water himself. Leopards are good swimmers and hunt in water as well as on land, so this isn’t surprising.

No word on whether the leopard got its meal, but it’s clear that this cat doesn’t give up easily.