This powerful Orca demonstrates its amazing ability to surf the wave right onto the beach, nearly stranding itself on land in order to capture a baby seal.

This particular beaching style of hunting often requires years of practice. Beaching can be very risky and possibly fatal for the cetacean if it gets too far onto the beach to be able to return easily to the sea.

The Orca is commonly known as the Killer Whale, although it is actually a type of dolphin. It is one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. The Orca truly earns its “killer” nickname in this video, demonstrated by the large mammal violently shaking the seal pup to death. It may seem cruel, but this is the way of nature.

The Orca has a brain larger than humans, leading some researchers to hypothesize that it is possibly more intelligent than human beings. And of course, humans have been documented doing far more brutal acts than this. The Orca is a rare and beautiful cetacean that should be treated with respect.

These animals are apex predators, meaning they have no natural predators of their own. Their diverse diet makes them dangerous to most marine wildlife — although some individuals prey exclusively on fish, others gorge themselves on larger mammals, including seals, dolphins, and even other adult whales.

Killers whales can grow to more than 25 feet in length and weigh over four ton, easily overpowering any common seal. 

They do not often differentiate between adult and adolescent seals, but prefer to feed on diverse prey at their leisure.

Do you think this cetacean is a murderous beast, or a beautiful genius?

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