Friday, February 23, 2018



This Bonobo Starts Fires And Cooks His Own Food

This bonobo named "Kanzi" can start a fire and cook food on his own.Kanzi is a thirty-eight year old bonobo (a cousin to the common...

Watch Moment Snake Finds Eggs in Nest

Nature can be cruel, as this robin found out when she left her eggs unattended presumably to search for food.Wildlife enthusiast Tan Nguyen had...

Giant Otters Hunt Caiman

In a war waged between river otters and crocodilians, which side do you think would win? Surely, the vicious, toothy crocodilians would chomp clear...

Australian Redback Spiders Can Liquefy and Eat Snakes 50 Times Their Size

A snake was no match for a redback spider that caught it in its web in a Victorian shed, as seen in footage filmed...

Titanoboa: The Largest Snake the World Has Ever Known

The Earth has seem some truly monstrous creatures throughout time, but few can match the staggering proportions of this super snake.At over 42 feet...

Hippos Use Crocodiles as Chew Toys

In Africa, Nile crocodiles are highly dangerous and estimated to be responsible for 275 to 745 attacks per year -- more than any other...

Are Whales Forming Post-Apocalyptic Societies?

Cetaceans have some of the most complex brains on the planet, and are able to pass language and learned behaviors down from generation to...

Hippos Attack Crocodile

This unlucky crocodile found himself in quite an unusual predicament. Despite being known as one of the fiercest predators in Africa, this reptile was...

Rhino vs. Wild Dogs

This lone black rhino didn't want anything to do with a large pack of wild dogs. Apparently wanting the watering hole all to herself,...

This Octopus Kills Every Shark That Enters Its Aquarium

This octopus isn't messing around.The incredible footage below shows a giant Pacific octopus successfully attacking and killing an unsuspecting spiny dogfish shark.Octopuses are generally...

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