Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Baboons vs. Wild Dogs: Stand-Off in the Road

Wild Dogs are some of the most ferocious and efficient predators in Africa. But the dogs are easily frightened by the fierce baboons. What...

The Woolly Rhino? Unbelievable Ice Age Creatures That Were Larger Than Life

Elephants, rhinos, big cats -- In modern times, we associate these animals with the sultry plains and savannas of Africa, but 12,000 years ago,...

The Biggest Crocodiles Ever

Crocodiles are some of the most impressive predators in existence, and we've located the largest ever recorded.The people of Niger River were losing people...

Wolf Spider vs. Spider Wasp

Laying only a single egg, the spider wasp has a brutal method to ensure its young have a high chance of survival.With a...

The Deadliest Freshwater Fish

The ocean is teeming with deadly fish, from sharks to stonefish, and you’re probably quite aware of these dangers whenever we go to the...

World’s Longest Venomous Snake Devours Unsuspecting Prey

The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world and when it catches a glimpse of the mangrove snake climbing the trees nearby, it lays eagerly in wait.

Great White Shark Leaps Out of Water To Catch Seal

This rare footage shows a massive Great White Shark fully airborne out of the water in an epic attack on an unsuspecting young seal.The...

Elephant Calf Hit By Car, Elephant Family Reacts

This heart-wrenching footage shows a mother attempting to bring her calf to its feet after it was struck by a speeding motorist.Sixty-six year old...

Supersized Animals

These extraordinary animals are the unusually gigantic.

This Creature Saves Millions Of Lives Annually (And Probably Already Saved Yours)

This peculiar creature, the horseshoe crab, saves lives every single day (and has probably already saved yours)!Image: PixabayHorseshoe crabs are somewhat primitive-looking marine invertebrates with a tough...

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