These two alligators were spotted attacking each other in a vicious struggle for supremacy. The battle was filmed in Clearwater, FL. The broadcast for this fight was cut short when the gators splashed into the water. Just another sunny day in Florida!

This kind of behavior is common for alligators. Predatory reptilians like alligators and crocodiles will often engage in battle with one another for a variety of reasons, such as when food is low, for territory, or for dominance. Alligators can be very aggressive, and this natural aggression does not differentiate between species.

Florida is full of alligators. They are apex predators throughout their wetland ranges, and they will be exceptionally territorial during breeding season.

During this time of the year, for approximately two months, the gators will spar and wrestle with each other to prove who is the strongest and most fit to reproduce.

These battles will often result with the loser being badly injured. Alligators just aren’t very nice to each other.

The gators in this video are probably not cannibalistic as much as they are wrestling. These creatures will, however, engage in cannibalistic and violent behavior from time to time.

Watch the fight in the video below: