Launching Earth Day 2021. Join us for the adventure!

The Earth is teeming with extraordinary stories, as suspenseful as murder mysteries and as exciting as action thrillers. On the Roaring Earth podcast, join award-winning journalists and the world’s leading scientists as they tell the untold stories of our planet’s wildest animals, places, and phenomena.

Millions of experts and enthusiasts the world over know Roaring Earth as a platform for extraordinary wildlife and nature videos. On the podcast, we dive into the science behind our most popular clips, and celebrate the savage, untamed, unpredictable, and often beautiful nature of our Roaring Earth.

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Episode 1: Great White Sharks … For Dinner

A pair of Killer Whales attack a Great White Shark with surprising cunning, brutality and precision. It’s rare and newly documented behavior that shows the true king of the sea, and an insatiable appetite… for liver.

Episode 2: The Tiger Fighting Bear

A mother Sloth Bear protects her cub against a Bengal Tiger in the Indian jungle, revealing the extraordinary behavior and history of one of our least understood species of wildlife. Discover the sad and disturbing truth about its oppressed existence.