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  • WATCH: Unbelievably Fast Attack of the Trap-Jaw Spider

    The eentsy-weensty spider did NOT go up the water spout. It used its powerful, incredibly fast jaw to chomp and chow down on its prey before the unlucky fellow even knew what was coming. So-called Trap-Jaw Spiders are extremely fast, with specialized jaw structures designed to grab prey, a technique different than a lot of […] More

  • 6 Real-Life Pokémon

    In honor of the recent release of Niantic’s mobile app Pokemon Go, here 6 animals that look just like their Pokemon counterparts. The Fennec Fox and Eevee:  This Eevee lookalike is the smallest fox in the world. They’re found in North Africa, the Sinai, and the Arabian peninsulas, and they are capable of jumping up […] More

  • Encounters with Australian Crocodiles

    During the past 25 years, crocodiles in Australia have been responsible for 13 deaths and 18 serious injuries. How are people falling victim to these savage beasts? A few dark stories tell the tale. After starring in the movie “Crocodile Dundee” in 1986, model Ginger Meadows decided to go on her own outback adventure the […] More

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    Kitten Rescued After 300 Miles in Car Bumper

    A little kitten, lovingly named Tigger by the Royal Navy Helicopter pilot who found him, was discovered in the bumper of a car unharmed after over 300 miles of travel. [nextpage title=”How did he get in there?!”] Nick Grimmer was the pilot who found Tigger in his bumper. Grimmer is a pilot for the Royal Navy’s […] More

  • Electric Eels Make Lethal Leaping Attacks

    A 200-year old myth is a myth no longer – scientists have confirmed that electric eels can indeed jump out of the water and deliver a lethal shock to whatever unlucky animal – or person – chose to reach for the eel. On a field trip to the Amazon in the nineteenth century, a biologist […] More

  • Ultimate Reptile of the Nile

    The Nile crocodile is the second largest reptile to (currently) walk the face of the planet, second only to his brother, the saltwater crocodile. They roam and reign over the rivers of Sub-Saharan Africa, and they can grow up to 16.5 feet long and 1700 pounds, with the males generally being 30 percent larger than […] More

  • They Performed Heart Surgery on a Tasmanian Devil

    This Tasmanian Devil spent two weeks in the veterinary hospital recovering from heart surgery. Lovingly named Nick, the devil had received a pacemaker to treat his heart condition and then released back into the Conrad Prebys Australian Outback. Millions of humans have pacemakers that regulate the heart beat to prevent heart attack and heart failure, […] More

  • Duck Army Removes Pests from Vineyard

    The snails and slugs feasting on the grapes in this South African vineyard have nothing on the winemakers’ army of ducks that run through the land twice a day, snacking on troublesome pests. They aren’t just any ducks either, they’re Indian runner ducks that give the vineyard’s “Runner Duck” wine product its namesake. At the […] More

  • Fish Caught With Live Snake in Its Mouth

    Did this fish bite off more than he could handle? We might never know, because these Australian fishermen caught the estuary cod before he could finish digesting his meal, which just so happened to be a still-alive venomous snake. While doing some recreational fishing out on Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory, […] More

  • Python Vs. Anaconda

    Meet the world’s longest snake: the reticulated python from Southeast Asia. While these reptiles are not venomous like many of their slithery peers, their constricting power is capable of killing a fully-grown human man. For the snake experts at the New England Reptile Distributors (yes, their name spells NERD), handling these giant snakes is just […] More

  • The Rare Werewolf Cat: Meet the Lykoi

    This natural-born “werewolf” cat appears to be a creepy combination of canine and feline, with dark and slim features. The breed is officially called “Lykoi” and there are only 35 such cats known to man. It is neither a skin disease nor a crossbreed between a wolf and a cat that creates this creature. Rather, […] More

  • Female Fox Screeches While Mating

    Ever called someone good-looking a “fox?” There may be a biological reason for this term, and it’s because most fox couples mate for life, and they like to get frisky in a very specific way. Studies at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom have uncovered some quite strange sexual habits of male and […] More

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